InterVenn Investigator Initiated Research Program in Glycoproteomics

The InterVenn Investigator-Initiated Research (I3R) Program supports translational and clinical oncology researchers in exploring the power of high-throughput glycoproteomics to discover novel biomarkers for advances in patient care.

InterVenn, the leader in the application of glycoproteomics for biomarker discovery, is requesting proposals that address clinical oncology challenges where the discovery and application of liquid-biopsy-based biomarkers will advance disease diagnosis, prognostication, or management, such as therapy response prediction and monitoring.

Investigator Requirements of the I3R Program

  • de-identified patient serum samples (100 µl each, stored at -80°C) and
  • respective de-identified demographic and clinical data to address the question of interest.

InterVenn Responsibilities

  • carry out quantitative glycoproteomic analysis for a panel of ≈100 plasma glycoproteins / ≈800 glycopeptides;
  • provide support for logistics, sample processing and analysis;
  • share data and results of statistical and bioinformatic analysis.

Researchers are invited to submit their proposal through the I3R portal. Submission will be reviewed collectively by the InterVenn Review Committee based on scientific merit and alignment with corporate research and development plans.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to reviewing your proposal.

Principal Investigator Contact Information


You can also download the form here.