InterVenn Investigator Initiated Research Program in Glycoproteomics
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Customer Experience Specialist
San Francisco, US


A customer service professional with proven track record in building systems, relationships and analytical tools with a maniacal focus on patient experience and outcomes. Everything you do and say leads by example of how our interactions with our customers help change people’s lives. You don’t see departments, you see individual architects shaking the foundation of science and medicine. If this is you, read on.


We are not married to specific tools, technologies or shiny objects. We ask questions until we arrive at the best answer for the patient. We believe glycoproteins are a new language of biology we are translating for the benefit of patients, researchers, science and medicine. We have diverse backgrounds and experiences, skeptical about the status quo yet solution oriented. If this sounds like a good fit, read on.


We are seeking a talented individual with proven track record  to join our team as a Customer Experience Specialist. The desired candidates will have experience in all forms of customer engagement (phone/email/face to face). They will also be the ambassador and voice of the customer with respect to current pulse in the field. Ensuring quality of work and patient centric acumen is a must.


  • Build and execute our customer experience capabilities
  • Shepherd all forms of communications with our customers (phone/email/fax/ face to face)
  • Develop scripts, policies and performance metrics pertinent to measuring and improving our interactions with our customers
  • Roll out of phase appropriate systems such as call center(s), email boxes, fax triaging, patient and physician portals
  • Ensure customer issues are addressed STAT
  • Develop and execute quick feedback systems to other field personnel and internal subject matter experts
  • Coordinate with billing operations on additional needed activities interfacing customers


  • BS/BA in biological sciences, chemistry or analytical chemistry
  • >5 years experience building and executing customer centric solutions
  • Impeccable phone skills (will be tested during the interview process)
  • Proven track record with concrete examples of solving customer issues
  • Ability to interact across functions seamlessly
  • Proven vendor management skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment
  • A genuine desire to impact patient lives