InterVenn Investigator Initiated Research Program in Glycoproteomics
Novel Technology Stack

Mass Spectrometry, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

Scaleable glycoproteomic analysis has been stymied in the past by the enormous amount and complexity of the data generated. Manual analysis requires massive amounts of operators’ time to derive interpretable, actionable information, which still does not address issues of accuracy and reproducibility associated with ad-hoc decision making. InterVenn utilizes deep learning to automate the entire workflow, including sample processing, instrument calibration, and peak integration, all the way to run-analysis and results generation.

  • Spectral Identification - Bottom-up, hypothesis-free mining of the glycoproteome
  • Peak Quantification - Automated, accurate determination of glycopeptide abundance
  • Deep Learning Assisted Discovery - Exploring unknown glycopeptide moieties
  • Clincal Assay Development - Derivation of multivariable classifiers for clinical decision-making powered by big data
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Supercharing Our Partners' Pre-Clinical/Clinical Efforts

Exclusive Research Offerings (RUO)

InterVenn's VISTATM is the first commercially available platform capable of assessing (serum or plasma) protein glycosylation in a site-specific manner, across thousands of peptides and glycopeptides.

Site-specific measurement of protein glycoforms provides unique insights into protein attributes that traditional immunoassays or aptamer-based approaches cannot.

We enable researchers in industry and academia to rapidly and reliably assess glycan-based post-translational modifications (PTMs) at an unprecedented scale and speed without sacrificing resolution and accuracy.

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Clinical-Grade Assays

Helping Physicians Make Better Treatment Choices

Glycoprotein-based liquid biopsy assays provide unprecedented performance in clinical settings. By developing and validating novel markers, we are launching multiple assays that will significantly improve the patient experience by augmenting physician decision-making through novel biological insights

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We impact patient lives by working with physicians and scientists.

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