InterVenn Investigator Initiated Research Program in Glycoproteomics

InterVenn product assay development phase

Indication Clinical Application Phase
Pilot Study Validated Classifier LDT Validation Commercially Available
Ovarian Patient treatment triaging VOCAL prospective clinical trial
Renal Cell Carcinoma Prognostic
NASH/HCC Staging, Disease progression
Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Early Detection
Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection
Colorectal Cancer Early Detection
Advanced Adenoma Early Detection
Melanoma Staging, Disease Progression
Lung Cancer Early Detection
Prostate Cancer Early Detection
Autoimmune application(s) Detection, Diagnosis, and Patient response
Immuno Oncology Response Prediction
Immuno Oncology Drug to Patient matchmaking
Neuro Degenerative application(s) Detection and Diagnosis

Diagnostic, Prognostic, Recurrence Opportunities

6K samples - Multiple cohorts processed

We have generated best in class colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma results


Blood Test for Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

InterVenn is developing a first-in-class mass spec-based glycoproteomic clinical diagnostic test for ovarian cancer. Currently undergoing clinical validation in a global, multi-center clinical trial, this proprietary test will enable clinicians to distinguish benign from malignant masses in women presenting with adnexal (pelvic) masses, through a simple blood test.

Ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system, but it accounts for only about 3% of all cancers in women. Early and accurate diagnosis of ovarian cancer will improve survival, as treatment works best when cancer is detected in its early stages.

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