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About InterVenn Biosciences

At InterVenn Biosciences, our mission is to advance a new era of personalized medicine by decoding the human glycoproteome – glycosylated proteins which are responsible for driving protein function – revealing a rich source of biological insights that has the potential to significantly improve drug development and patient outcomes.

We have pioneered an AI- and ML-powered, high-throughput biomarker discovery platform called GlycoVision™, enabling a high-resolution view into an untapped layer of biology at a clinically meaningful scale for the first time in history.

Your Partner for Accelerating Disease Insights

InterVenn has become a key partner to physicians, researchers, and biopharma organizations who are at the forefront of understanding glycoproteins and their relevance in human health and disease. These insights help inform decisions on disease detection, treatment strategies, and biological mechanisms, contributing to a robust pipeline of clinical applications, which are now accessible to our industry partners.

Core values

As a patient-driven, employee-first organization, InterVenn is committed to reflecting our core values in everything we do:

Scientific & Data Integrity

Transparency & Responsibility

Clear Communication & Mission

Innovative Curiosity

Our Science and Technology

InterVenn’s glycoproteomic analysis involves the characterization and quantification of intact glycopeptides including the peptide amino acid backbone, its glycosylation sites, and the structure of the glycans present or absent at these glycosylation sites.

InterVenn utilizes liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) to profile and produce chromatograms from each target glycopeptide biomarker. This results in thousands of individual chromatograms per sample. Historically, analysis of these chromatograms was performed manually by expert scientists or with software that had poor concordance to expert analysis. InterVenn has invested in developing an AI-platform to rapidly annotate chromatograms with >99% concordance to expert analyses.

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Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Visionary Leadership

InterVenn emerged from the collaboration of visionary leaders across diverse domains, who combined their expertise to revolutionize the exploration of glycoproteomics.

Founded in 2017 by Nobel Laureate Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, world-class scientist and distinguished professor Dr. Carlito Lebrilla, and AI/ML expert Aldo Carrascoso, InterVenn is driven by a shared mission to advance healthcare.

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