InterVenn Biosciences Announces the Publication of Early Detection of Advanced Adenoma and Colorectal Cancer in Gastroenterology

It started with a vision

InterVenn was born out of a simple, powerful belief: No one should ever be blindsided by disease. And with this mission, we focused our gaze on an untapped frontier that was decidedly more complex: glycoproteomics.

Getting here wasn’t easy. It took passion, determination, and a proprietary, AI-based, high-throughput data processing engine with the ability to survey the glycoproteome at a speed and scale that’s never been achieved before.

This unique vantage—powered by our GlycoVision™ platform—gives us the power to see the person through the complexity. Now, we can spot the approach of disease in a radically different manner and put people with increased risk on the path to receiving care.

Today, InterVenn is primed to revisit the health–disease spectrum with an unprecedented and exclusive focus on the glycoproteome to improve healthcare equally and unequivocally. Because our purpose has always been about more than the science. We’d say we’re patient-driven—except our goal has always been to protect people from becoming patients in the first place.

Values we live by

As a patient-driven, employee-first organization, InterVenn is committed to reflecting our core values in everything we do:

Venn diagram of values

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