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December 12, 2018
In Pursuit of the Problem
Aldo Carrascoso

We envision a time when cancer is no longer a problem – and all disease a mere nuisance. We envision a place where previously unrelated disciplines are un-siloed and interact together in unison to pursue a solution. Here, maladies are holistically understood, adequately controlled and even manipulated to benefit all.

In pursuit of that vision, we began with PATIENTS in mind as a sole inspiration and driving force – full stop, and not because of a novelty nor to pursue an intellectual trend. 

We exist today to revisit the health-disease spectrum with an unprecedented and exclusive focus on “glyco” and how we utilize various disciplines to equally and unequivocally improve patient care.

We challenge you to imagine disease in another way; without the hype and biases of herd thinking. Illness does not care about race, creed, gender, geography, so must health. 

To those that have spent countless hours, degrees, careers, resources, and other sacrifices, we are here to contribute to this universal effort – a solution so no person is ever blindsided and a cure for those who will need it. We challenge you to act on your imagination.

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