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InterVenn Biosciences to Present Clinical Data on Circulating Serum Glycoproteins for Unprecedented Pre-Cancer Detection as “Poster of Distinction” at Digestive Disease Week 2023

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InterVenn Biosciences, the life science company pioneering glycoproteomics, today announced new clinical data that demonstrates the power of InterVenn’s proprietary biomarker discovery platform, GlycoVision™, to detect advanced adenomas (AA) and colorectal cancer (CRC). The data will be presented as a “Poster of Distinction” at the 2023 Digestive Disease Week Conference (DDW), being held May 6-9, in Chicago, IL.

GlycoVision’s method of assessing circulating serum glycoproteins is unlike any non-invasive test for CRC that’s on the market, which primarily rely on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). While some of these tests can meaningfully detect CRC, their ability to detect AA, when available treatments have a higher rate of success, have remained elusive. The InterVenn poster to be presented at DDW illustrates how aberrant glycosylation events in colonic crypts and systemic circulation occur throughout the adenoma to carcinoma sequence, providing a broader range of detection.

“We are thrilled to present this data, which demonstrates the power of InterVenn’s proprietary biomarker discovery platform, GlycoVision™, to detect pre-cancerous adenomas with a high level of sensitivity,” said InterVenn CEO, Erwin Estigarribia. “By identifying disease early through the detection of advanced adenomas, we can shift toward a paradigm more focused on prevention than treatment, and help further our mission to prevent patients from being blindsided by disease.”

“Having the ability to detect the emergence of high-grade dysplasia polyps could address the alarming rate of colon cancer diagnoses and associated mortality,” said Daniel Hommes, MD, gastroenterologist, and Chief Medical Officer at InterVenn. “We look forward to providing clinicians with new tools to assess patients’ risk, and drive compliance to colonoscopy for those who need it most.”

The abstract, “Warning signs from the crypt: circulating aberrant glycosylation signatures correlate with advanced adenoma and colorectal cancer,” highlights pre-cancer sensitivity via the assessment of circulating serum glycoproteins and has been selected as a “Poster of Distinction” by the American Gastroenterology Association (AGA) Institute Council, among the top 10 percent of abstracts submitted.

Details on the time and location of the presentation are as follows:

Title: Warning Signs from the Crypt: Circulating Aberrant Glycosylation Signatures Correlate with Advanced Adenoma and Colorectal Cancer
Date: May 7, 2023
Time: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm CDT
Presenter: Dharini Chandrasekar
Poster #: Su1091
Session: AGA Cancer, Early Detection, Biomarkers for Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis of GI Cancers

This data was generated via InterVenn’s proprietary biomarker discovery platform, GlycoVision™, which combines liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC-MS), and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered data processing. This platform allows high resolution and high throughput glycoproteomic profiling that was previously not possible.

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InterVenn was co-founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, world-class scientist, and distinguished professor Dr. Carlito Lebrilla and leading AI/ML expert Aldo Carrascoso on the belief that no one should ever be blindsided by disease. Its focus, to decode the glycoproteome as a rich source of biological insight, aims to make the new era of personalized, predictive, and preventative care a reality. InterVenn has pioneered a proprietary technology platform, GlycoVision™, to tap into this layer of biology at a clinically meaningful scale. GlycoVision is capable of producing a robust pipeline of powerful clinical applications, ranging from early disease screening to diagnostics and potentially therapeutics, and is accessible to industry partners seeking to discover novel biomarkers. For more information about InterVenn, visit

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