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InterVenn to Present New Clinical Data at ASCO 2022 on Using Glycoproteomics as Powerful Liquid Biopsy Tests for Early Detection of Cancer and Prediction of Checkpoint Inhibitor Treatment Benefit

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InterVenn Biosciences, the leader in applied glycoproteomics, today announced that it will present new clinical data detailing the success of its novel approach to liquid biopsy testing in multiple cancer indications at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2022 Annual Meeting. The meeting will take place from June 3 to June 7 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

InterVenn will present two posters and five online publications highlighting data that demonstrate clinically relevant applications of its glycoproteomics-based biomarker signatures in a variety of cancers, including malignant melanoma, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, non-small-cell lung carcinoma, and bone and soft tissue sarcoma.

“We look forward to sharing our data at ASCO 2022 further validating the power of InterVenn’s pioneering glycoproteomic biomarker signatures to transform clinical care in cancer,” said InterVenn CEO Aldo Carrascoso. “As a mission-driven company, InterVenn is building a robust pipeline of accessible, clinically validated and powerful tests, with the aim of detecting cancer earlier, treating it more effectively, and saving lives.”

The InterVenn approach addresses many of the common challenges associated with liquid biopsy analysis by industrializing the process of glycoproteomics-based blood testing at high accuracy with fast turnaround times. Unlike other non-invasive methods, it does not depend on detecting material shed by tumors, and therefore allows the detection of very early-stage, potentially curable tumors that are commonly missed by other technologies. It also requires a significantly lower blood sample volume than most other analytical platforms.


InterVenn Presentations at ASCO 2022

Poster Presentations:

Title: “Serum glycoproteomic signatures predict overall survival in bone and soft tissue sarcoma patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy”
Presenter: D. Serie, C. Pickering, R. Rice, M. Wong, H. Huang, M. Kansara, DM. Thomas, and K. Lindpaintner

Title: “Glycoproteomics as a powerful liquid biopsy-based predictor of checkpoint-inhibitor treatment benefit in metastatic malignant melanoma”
Presenter: A. Mitchell, C. Pickering, G. Xu, K. Vigal, B. Axenfeld, R. Rice, X. Cong, D. Frederick, W. A. Michaud, G. Boland, D. Serie, and K. Lindpaintner

Online Publications:

Title: “Glycoproteomics as a powerful liquid biopsy based screening tool for NSCLC”
Author: C. Pickering, G. Xu, R. Rice, A. Castellanos, R. Bhadra, L. Brcic, J. Lindenmann, F.M. Smolle-Juettner, K. Lindpaintner, D. Serie, and A. Mitchell

Title: “Clinicians’ perspectives on use of immune checkpoint inhibitors and related biomarkers for solid tumors”
Author: K. Moser, M. Soto, D. Geba, P. Allen, and K. Lindpaintner

Title: “Identifying potential glycoproteomic biomarkers for diagnosis of colorectal cancer”
Author: K. Desai, G. Xu, R. Rice, A. Castellanos, D. Serie, A. Mitchell, and K. Lindpaintner

Title: “Liquid-biopsy derived glycoproteomic profiling as a novel means for non-invasive diagnosis of ovarian cancer”
Author: C. Pickering, P. Aiyetan, G. Xu, R. Rice, P. Ramachandran, K. Moser, D. Serie, and K. Lindpaintner

Title: “Predicting Breast Cancer in Women using Liquid Biopsy-Derived Glycoproteomic Marker”
Author: A. Mitchell, A. Srinivasan, G. Xu, R. Rice, A. Castellanos, R. Bhadra, D. Serie, X. Cong, and K. Lindpaintner


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