InterVenn Investigator Initiated Research Program in Glycoproteomics

Did you know?

Ovarian cancer is the second most common gynecologic cancer and causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.

The Problem

There are currently no reliable screening or diagnostic blood tests for ovarian cancer, which commonly results in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer being made at an advanced stage, when it is most fatal.


The five-year survival rate for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer is only 45%. This is because only about 20% of ovarian cancers are found at an early stage, when it is most curable.

The Answer

The VOCAL study aims to validate a blood test that will help doctors to diagnose accurately whether a tumor in a woman’s lower abdomen is either malignant and requiring surgery or other cancer therapy, or as a benign condition (e.g., a cyst) that can be managed through observation and follow-up.

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The Glycoproteomic Advantage

Our test, established through rigorous pre-clinical identification, testing and validation, will help physicians (1) diagnose and treat ovarian cancer sooner which provides better quality of life and survival and (2) avoids unnecessary and possibly harmful surgery in those patients who do not need it. All through a simple blood test.

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Enroll in VOCAL!

The VOCAL clinical study is open to all women 18 years or older and who have recently undergone lower abdominal imaging suggesting the presence of a pelvic mass/tumor. We are currently enrolling women presenting to a number of hospitals in the United States, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Australia (map).

If you meet the enrolment criteria and are seen as a patient at one of the clinics/hospitals participating in the VOCAL trial, your doctor may ask you about your interest in joining the trial. On behalf of all women suffering from ovarian cancer today and in the future, we would very much appreciate it if you would agree to participate in the VOCAL trial, and we thank you!

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Validating VOCAL’s Diagnostic Performance in the Global

  • Australia (1 active)
  • Malaysia (11 active)
  • Philippines (3 active)
  • United States (7 active)

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