InterVenn Biosciences Announces the Publication of Early Detection of Advanced Adenoma and Colorectal Cancer in Gastroenterology

Mass Spectrometry

We use liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments (LC-MS) at all levels of pre-clinical research, clinical development, and product delivery.

These arrays instruments are uniquely configured to meet our specific needs, combined with proprietary standards to deliver accurate, reproducible glycopeptide analyte identification and quantification.

Peak Integration Platform (PIP)

Peak Integration Platform (PIP) is a software that translates the complex output of the LC-MS instrument - into easily interpretable, digital data. It is powered by artificial intelligence and recurrent neural networks and was trained on a collection of manually-annotated chromatographic peaks.

It reduces the time required to interpret chromatograms from months to minutes, and, for the first time, has allowed glycoproteomic research to scale to meet the requirements of clinical studies.

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Artificial Intelligence

InterVenn’s approach to using AI is very targeted to signal processing, specifically the deconvolution of signal from noise in large amounts of mass spectrometry data.

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