InterVenn Investigator Initiated Research Program in Glycoproteomics

Mass Spectrometry

We use a proprietary array of commercially available liquid chromatographs and mass spectrometers (LC-MS) applied at every level of pre-clinical, clinical, and product development.

These arrays are designed for specific functions that range from biomarker discovery and sample digitization to running clinical assays.

Software Stack

We use a full stack of internally developed software that addresses all of our workflow requirements.

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Sample Tracking System (STS)

Our STS augments our clinical laboratory operations via real-time tracking of the storage, shipping, accessioning, and aliquoting of samples.

Laboratory Information Management System (Clinical Grade)

Our LIMS is proprietary and designed specifically to fit our unique workflow from patient tracking to results delivery and billing.

Peak Integration Platform

PIP is our neural network-powered mass spectra curator and normalizer. Prior to this, mass spectra had to be hand curated and visually inspected. We've solved that huge bottleneck.

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Quality Assurance Management System

Quality Assurance and Control is at the forefront of InterVenn, our proprietary quality-software systems work to ensure that our workflow's data acquisition processing is within clinical-grade standards as we monitor system suitability metrics at every processing step. Our automated system notifies the operators in real-time—a feat never before achieved in mass spectrometry sample processing.

Artificial Intelligence

Traditional LC–MS based assays notoriously generate tremendous amounts of information—even more so at the resolution, throughput, and sensitivity at which InterVenn operates. Traditional biostatistical tools are unable to fully interrogate the data sets that are still subject to manual processing, hence the need for advanced computational methods.

We utilize deep learning in key areas such as signal detection/verification/quantification, quality system monitoring, risk stratification, untargeted discovery, and many others.

InterVenn Workflows

01 Discovery and Validation Workflow

A Platform for Biomarker Identification, Confirmation and Validation

We have developed a proprietary glycoprotein database unparalleled in size and which we continue to expand rapidly via our deep learning-assisted biomarker discovery and validation platform, D-VaTM(automated DIscovery and VAlidation system).

D-VaTM allows us to swiftly screen through clinical samples to identify and validate new glyco markers, applying an untargeted approach to the discovery of low-, medium-, and high-abundance glycoprotein analytes.

Untargeted + Unsupervised Methodology

(Wide coverage and resolution) + (automated identification and validation using AI)

02 Quantification Workflow

Clinical Product Development - Tools / Diagnostic

Our discovery platform allows us to identify and validate biomarkers of interest. Once the analytes have been validated, a rigorous process of repeat quantitation using multiple cohorts and studies is conducted on each of our analytes of interest.

When we measure glycoproteins, we obtain the exact quantity of the analyte. This proprietary step allows us to reproduce and scale results.

Targeted Quantification Workflow Methodology

(High throughput and sensitivity) + (clinical software suite ensuring reproduciblity and reliability)

03 VISTATM Workflow

Pharma, Biotech and Diagnostics Partner Services

Combining our discovery and quantification workflows allow our partners to run their samples as if they had full access to our instrumentation, software, and AI tools. Our exclusive VISTATM offering is the world's first high-throughput glyco analysis available for commercial use.

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Untargetted + Targetted

Discovery and Validation of Signals + Repeat Quantitation of the Signals