InterVenn Biosciences Announces the Publication of Early Detection of Advanced Adenoma and Colorectal Cancer in Gastroenterology

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At InterVenn Biosciences, we’ve leveraged a proprietary AI-driven platform to unlock the glycoproteome, allowing us to explore it on a clinically meaningful scale for the first time in history.

And with access to a universe of life-critical information with the potential to change how we see disease, opportunities for breakthrough discoveries and novel solutions await us.

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With GlycoVision™, what used to take human analysts 8 months to uncover can now be achieved in just over 6 minutes. Now, our powerful, AI-enabled software platform is available to create high-throughput, automated analysis solutions for both research and clinical applications.

In addition to partnering with leading pharma, biotech, and diagnostic companies, InterVenn is preparing for the commercial launch of our own clinical service solutions.

In 2023, InterVenn will launch GlycoKnow™ Colon, a laboratory-developed test that will identify early-stage colon cancer and advanced adenomas—precursors to colon cancer—empowering healthcare professionals to intervene before a malignant tumor has developed. Now, a single-tube blood draw can put patients with an increased risk of colon cancer (or who are hesitant to undergo colonoscopy) on the path to receiving care at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Major advancements are on the horizon

At InterVenn, the potential for glycoproteomics extends well beyond the detection and prevention of disease. Like our algorithms, we don't settle for slow; our team is rapidly moving a spectrum of innovative products further down the pipeline, bringing disease solutions into new areas.

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